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Who are Among Top 20 Indian Micro-Influencers?

07 Jun
Targeted Digital Advertising

Micro-influcners are those who have some really good fan following on their social media accounts. Micro-influencing Digital Marketing Strategy is an effective strategy in which targeted audience is reached through a micro-influencer.

Here we are listing top 20 Indian micro influencers in different categories:


1) Shanice Shrestha

She is a Mumbai based girl and rules social media with her travel blogs. Her bachelor is in Mass Media Course from St. Andrew’s college of art, science and commerce. She had worked for an episode of “Savdhan India” and also in a show of UTV Bindas. She has some really good number of followers on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Her YouTube channel is “Shanice Shrestha Vlogs” and this channel has around 109,160 subscribers and on her Instagram profile she has 126135 followers.

2)  Siddhartha Joshi

He is a very famous Indian blogger and has been also nominated for Indian blogger awards. He is really passionate about traveling and loves to share his traveling experience. On Instagram he has more than 46000 followers. Along with being a blogger and influencer he is also a TEDx Speaker and designer.

3) Mridula

In the year 2005 Mridula Dwivedi a famous traveling blogger and influencer started her first blog namely ‘Travel Tales from India’, she renamed it as ‘Travel Tales from India and Abroad’ in 2016. Her blog has also been mentioned by BBC news channel. Currently, she is working as travel influencer with several tourism boards. In May’15 she quit her job as a professor. On Instagram she has 8218 followers.

4)  Venkat Ganesh

He is a traveler and prefers to travel with no plan to unknown destinations. He is a blogger and influencer who shares his experience on different adventures. He writes about motor-biking road trips, budget travel advice and more. On his profile, you can see many misadventures videos.


1)  Natasha Noel

She is Mumbai based influencer. She teaches her followers to live with full hope and yoga. She is extremely passionate about fitness and on her page, you may find her with a striking pose wherever she is: busy road, beach, staircase anywhere. She is a true inspiration for many. She is really passionate about yoga. Her Instagram profile has 150K followers and her Facebook page is followed by 13429 people.

2)   Milind Soman

India’s Ironman needs to introduction. He is a role model and source of inspiration for runners across the country. From his posts, it can be said that he really loves to run. Often it is seen that he prefers to run barefoot as it makes him feel more energetic by doing so. He is also passionate about swimming and cycling. His Instagram profile has 327K followers and his Facebook page is followed by 565,640 people.

3)  Vinod Channa

He belongs from Mumbai. He shares various short videos which are easy to watch. He is well known fitness consultant for different health aspects like diet management, guidance about nutrition, body transformation and more. Also, he is personal trainer to India’s famous celebrities. His Instagram profile has 17.5 K followers and his Facebook page is followed by 31,744 people.

4)  Radhika Bose

She is popularly known as ‘Yogasini’. She is very much addicted to fitness and she had been practicing yoga for more than 9 years. Her work out videos is really motivational. She has her profile on different social media platforms and is quite popular. Her Instagram profile has 82.3K followers and her Facebook page is followed by 4239 people and on twitter she has 263 followers.


1)  Vasudha Rai

She gives the best advice to the followers on right from choosing the right lipstick shade and more. She tells about her experience about latest luxury in beauty. She has been writing about beauty for more than 15 years and is also a columnist for ‘The Hindu’. Her Instagram profile has 9384 and on twitter she has 481followers.

2)  Deepali

Deepali has her own page with name DeepaliFashions. She is among leading fashion and nails art Indian blogger. She has around 7070 followers on her social media account. One can get good knowledge about nail art, beauty, and fashion from her.

3) Himanshi Sharma

She has her page with the name fresh face and her page is all about fashion and beauty and being confident about yourself. She has done her MBA from Chandigarh. To her followers, she gives several useful tips related to beauty and fashion. Her Instagram profile has 66.5 K followers and on twitter she has 1063 followers.

4)  Akanksha Redhu

From latest trend in fashion, beauty to travel her blogs covers all. She personally writes the content for her blog and is among leading Social Media Influencers. Her Instagram profile has 132 K followers and her Facebook page is followed by 41395 people and on twitter she has 13.1K followers.


1) Amit Agarwal

He is an IIT graduate but quits his job for becoming a professional blogger. He is mainly passionate about social media based technologies. He shares information on all latest technologies by Google, Apple and more. He has developed several popular web apps and also written columns on personal technology for different major publications. He has been awarded by Microsoft for Most Valuable Professional for five years (2007-2011) . On Facebook he has 25112 followers.

2)  Srinivas Tamada

He is from Chennai and writes blogs on technology. When you are really passionate about programming you can get some useful tips from him. With his blog, he shares some useful tutorial blog posts which cover different aspects of programming. On Facebook he has 7667 followers.

3)  Ankit Prakash

If you want to know anything related to digital marketing you can find them easily on his blogs. He shares all the information related to different aspects of digital marketing like Email Marketing, social media marketing, webmaster and much more. On twitter he has 7128 followers.

4)  Ankit Kumar Singla

He is a part-time web designer and is among youngest professional bloggers. He started blogging because he is really passionate about it and he believes that he is not perfect and always looks forward to learn something new. He shares information related to technical tricks and tips.


1)  Radhika Subramanian

He is a part-time web designer and is among youngest professional bloggers. He started blogging because he is really passionate about it and he believes that he is not perfect and always looks forward to learn something new. He shares information related to technical tricks and tips.

2) Chandrima Sarkar

She is a famous food blogger who herself is a foodie. She shares her recipes on different food items. She is really passionate about cooking and baking. Apart from cooking she also has great interest in painting, sketching, stitching and graphics. Her Instagram profile has 20.7K followers and on twitter she has 705 followers.

3)  Anubhav Sapra

He is totally a foodie and loves to write about Indian street food. He is also the founder of Delhi food walks and proudly calls himself as a foodie. He writes about street food and Indian regional cuisines both. His Instagram profile has 940 followers.

4) Sudipto De

He is a famous food and travel blogger and loves to share his experience of different luxurious places. Based on his personal experience he shares what he feels about different places and food items. He has Instagram profile with the name SaltandSandals and has 28.4K followers on it and on twitter he has 10.8 K followers. He has a total reach of 10k to 50k people.

So these are top micro-influencers in different categories. To get Best Marketing Strategy Designed for yourself you can contact Simply Global Media(SGM) Our team can provide you with best marketing solutions as per your needs.


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