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Capture the attention of your target audience through high-impact video advertising. In the modern World users are watching videos across a number of devices, primarily fragmented across computers, smart phones and tablets. Video Advertising refers to advertising that occurs before, during and/or after a video stream on the internet. Video streaming is a rage and people spend hours watching short videos on YouTube & other video streaming platforms. With Video ads, you can deliver a more impactful message to your target audience.

Our team is ready to help you get the competitive advantage by creating video adverts that will increase your brand’s presence across a wide variety of platforms and channels, including- YouTube, Mobile, Display and Social Network.

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    Ad experience that beautifully blends in with your content feed.

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    Dedicated and experienced video publishers that supports your account management.

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    We provide publishers with engaging, relevant and professionally-generated video content.

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    We have the perfect video formats to connect with your audience so you can meet your business goals.



More commonly known as pre, mid and post-roll ads, linear ads take over the full video player space. They’re linear because they run in line sequentially with the content, for example, a pre-roll will appear as ‘ad-video’, a mid-roll will be ‘video-ad-video’, and a post-roll will appear as ‘video-ad’. Linear ads can be 15 or 30-seconds long and do not allow for fast forwarding through the ad.


These ads completely take over the screen and pause the video content while they play. They allow a variety of interactions, like clicking for more information, signing up for a newsletter etc., and are usually a mix of video, animation or static images as well as interactive elements. They can show up before, during or after the content plays and are generally 15-30 seconds in duration.


These ads run simultaneously with the video content, usually in the form of an interactive banner ad in an overlay. Clicking on these ads pauses the content and the ad opens in a full screen player. Generally, a non-linear video ad will run for 5-15 seconds before rotating to another ad.


They are displayed on the web page around the video player and often take the form of display banner ads. They offer a persistent visual for a brand or product while the video is being watched, without taking up video player space. A mix of text, static images or rich media.


YouTube is the world’s largest video website & second largest search engine, therefore, YouTube ads are perfect for leads, sales, and branding. Upload your video to YouTube, set your budget, and decide where you’d like your video ad to appear. The main benefit behind YouTube ads is they give you the ability to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time.
At Simply Global Media, we can help with all aspects of YouTube marketing services. If you already use Google AdWords, we can connect YouTube advertising directly to your AdWords account. There are a number of YouTube advertising options to choose from, and our video marketing specialists can help you decide what’s going to be the most cost-effective for your business.

As more people discover the benefits, prices will rise. It’s time for your business to get on it!

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