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Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns of Real Estate Companies

22 Jun
SGM Digital Marketing

In order to achieve marketing goals in an efficient manner, it is must to use Digital Marketing mediums. Now every sector like FMCG, banking, fashion, real estate, investment banking makes use of digital marketing strategies to carry out marketing and promotion activities in an efficient manner. Some of the popular strategies which a digital marketer can use are PPC and SEO. PPC is a paid form of marketing using it one can run effective ads campaigns and generate potential leads. Also, visibility and organic traffic on a website can be improved using it. Many real estate companies have achieved outstanding results by designing effective marketing strategies. If marketing is done in the right direction then definitely it will contribute to generating more revenue.

Some Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns Designed by Real Estate Companies Are Discussed Below:

1)   Bengal Shrachi Housing Development Limited

It is a real estate company based in Bengal. The challenges they were facing are: unable to generate good potential leads and their lead conversion ratio was very poor. Keeping in mind needs of targeted audience (upper class and upper middle class) effective digital marketing strategies were designed.

Highlights of Their Digital Marketing Strategy Are:

  • Designing of the unique and attractive landing page for getting details of an interested person. The content of landing page was designed in a way in which a visitor will be interested.
  • Website landing page was optimized using Search Engine Optimization Techniques. Later a separate landing page was designed for company’s official Facebook page to get leads from it as well.
  • Effective Facebook ads were designed. These were pay per click ads. They designed ads after performing good keyword research and portrayed them in a manner that an interested user is most likely to click on it.
  • Video marketing strategy was also used. A video was designed in which it was narrated how a family feels when they arrive at their own new house. They promoted this video for an effective lead generation.

Using a mixture of these Digital Marketing Services they got some unbelievable results. Using all lead generation techniques they were able to get 166 quality leads, paid adds got total 2997 clicks and total impressions were 106480 in a duration of one month.

2)  Propbuying Realtors Private Limited

It is real estate company based in Pune. Challenges which it was facing are: increasing their brand awareness, creating the image of the best real estate agent in Pune, having a good organic visibility when a user is looking for real estate website and to compete with well known real estate players of Pune.

Highlights of Their Digital Marketing Strategy Are:

  • A unique content was created and promoted for those looking for information about upcoming real estate projects in Pune.
  • A research was conducted to learn about audience behavior and basically what they look online and potential keywords were identified.
  • Google analytics and webmaster was integrated with the website to track all the activities that were being conducted on the website.
  • Seo Off Page and On Page Optimization techniques were followed to generate more traffic through organic searches.
  • Landing pages were designed and promoted for lead generation.

Results Obtained Are:

  • Much improved organic visibility and generated high organic traffic on their website.
  • Got more than 10,000 visits on site for buying property in 6 months.

3)  Karia Developers

This company was established in 1983 and is a leading real estate company in Pune. Challenges which they were facing are: tough competition as more number of real estate players exists in the market now, responding to a customer located at a diversified location in a best possible way, cost-efficient digital marketing strategies to make people aware of its upcoming projects.

Highlights of Their Digital Marketing Strategy Are:

  • They created an online website for achieving better brand awareness. The website was designed in a user-friendly manner and all required information was available there.
  • Videos were designed in which it was highlighted what are the benefits of investing in their projects and suitable photos were used. Using video marketing potential leads were generated.
  • SEO and SEM techniques were used to increase the website traffic and generate more potential leads.
  • Profiles on different Social Media Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter were created. This was done to improve its online presence.
  • Efficient AdWords campaign was designed after doing thorough keyword research.

Results Obtained are:

  • Increased number of followers on companies social media profiles.
  • Helped in increasing website traffic from 1001 to 3879.
  • Got impressive impressions on paid ads and generated the good number of potential leads through it.

4)    Vardan Realty

Vardan Realty is a growing real estate company. Some challenges which it was facing are: improve online presence to reach more number of people, improve brand awareness, get more number of likes on the Facebook page, increase awareness in residential and business projects, increase website traffic, improve their brand equity to increase lead generation.

Highlights of Their Digital Marketing Strategy Are:

  • Performed thorough keyword research and analyzed website performance using Google analytics.
  • A viral marketing campaign was designed for Facebook.
  • Search engine marketing and Social Media Marketing Campaigns were designed.
  • Effective content marketing activities were carried out.
  • Potential keywords were identified on the basis of search volume and competition analysis.

Results Obtained are:

  • A conversion rate of 5% was achieved by different campaigns which were designed.
  • Most competitive CPC was achieved for real estate sector i.e. of Rs 25.
  • Customer engagement rate of the website was improved.
  • Website traffic was improved by 115% in three months.
  • Site re-visits was increased by 63%.

So these are few successful Digital Marketing Campaigns conducted by real estate companies. There are many more who succeeded in their marketing goals using digital marketing. SGM has also worked recently on a real estate project for Pithampur City Homes. With our effective digital marketing strategies, we have provided the company with outstanding results. Within 15 days we got 150+calls and 1000+ leads. Real Estate companies can get their digital marketing strategies designed by us in a cost-efficient manner and accomplish their marketing goals easily. Our team of experts works together to deliver our valued clients with outstanding results.


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