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Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns of India’s Leading FMCG Companies

26 Jun
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Different sectors like real estate, banking, insurance, clothing, FMCG etc are earning really well by marketing their product in a right manner using digital marketing strategies. With traditional marketing mediums, it is a bit difficult to achieve such outstanding results in short period of time. Digital marketing strategies revolve around SEO, email marketing, SMO, SEM, PPC. Not only renowned brands but many start-ups have achieved several milestones by efficiently designing their digital marketing strategy.

Here We Are Going to Discuss Success Stories of Some FMCG Companies

1) Dabur

Dabur is among largest FMCG companies in India. Some famous products of Dabur are hajmola, natural health care products, personal care products like Vatika, face bleachers and skin care products. Dabur is an among leading brand and makes use of Digital Marketing Services for brand promotion and rebuilding to take their business to new heights. They expanded their customer base by widening their marketing strategies. This was possible by making use of the digital mediums as with traditional mediums it is really difficult to reach a large number of people in very short time.

Highlights of Their Marketing Strategies

  • Started focusing on creating a good online presence. They increased their customer base by selling their products on online platforms like grofers. These online grocery stores are very popular and people find it convenient to buy grocery from them. Dabur realized this fact and started selling their products with them.
  • They focused more on their own website. This can be said as they developed three websites to create the good online presence of their mother brand.
  • Dabur is constantly putting efforts to increase its online presence and reach the number of customers across the world.


Dabur online sale was definitely a big effort of the company. Its digital marketing strategies worked well. An attractive feature of subscribing and savings is offered by Amazon. This model has helped Dabur to pitch their other products on their platform. Dabur does not get much benefit in terms of revenue but it really helped them in brand rebuilding and improving their visibility over the Internet.

2) Amul

Amul is another successful brand of Indian FMCG sector. For dairy products, it is preferred by a large number of people. Amul initially started with only one product i.e. milk which is their most popular product now also. With time and changing trends, they added several new products. Amul has not invested much in traditional marketing mediums. They are now focusing more on digital marketing mediums and making use of it to increase their revenue.

Highlights of Their Marketing Strategies

  • Their marketing strategy revolves mostly around Social Media Marketing. They are using two very popular social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter for this.
  • On their facebook page, they have some really good number of followers. They make use of winning content tool on Facebook. They have designed different effective promotion content which entirely revolves around the butter girl. Using this they convey about the latest happenings and made an attempt to attract more number of people.
  • Apart from promotion activities it also runs several contests on Facebook. Recently a campaign was launched by Amul ‘Meme You’. In this, they send a message to their fans. The message they shared created a meme to spread a message ‘Eat milk with every meal’.
  • On Twitter, they followed almost similar strategy. They always interact with their customers on Twitter and take their feedback in a positive way. If they are at fault then on social media platforms they accepted their mistakes as well.


Through these Social Media Optimization activities, Amul was able to build a better relationship with its customers. These digital marketing strategies have worked really well for Amul and helped in increasing their customer base. And it is well known that for dairy products Amul is the number one choice. Using its popular trademark of butter girl on social media platforms has helped them to attract more customers towards their product which has ultimately increased their sales.


It is among the fastest growing start-up in FMCG sector. With its good performance, it is giving very tough competition to other leading FMCG companies. All this was possible because they do not restrict themselves to follow traditional marketing mediums only. They fully utilized the benefits of digital marketing strategy by designing and running various effective digital marketing campaigns.

Highlights of Their Marketing Strategies

  • Baba Ramdev made efficient use of social media and other Digital Marketing Platforms for carrying out promotional activities for its different products.
  • They developed a well-optimized e-commerce website for their brand using which interested customers can easily buy their products.
  • The company has worked to get a good following on social media pages. This helps them now to interact with their customers in an efficient manner. On social media platform, they resolve queries of customers and make them aware of their new products.
  • To answer the questions raised by any loyal or potential customer Baba Ram Dev makes use of Twitter.


By incorporating digital marketing mediums along with the traditional ones, Patanjali has performed really well. They are able to generate very high revenue which is not usually possible for a startup. An efficient marketing strategy which they used for their brand has contributed a lot in attracting a large number of customers towards their brand and further increasing the sales of the company.

So these are few FMCG companies which have achieved new milestones by making use of digital marketing strategies. The list of such companies is very long who have also achieved such outstanding results by making use of modern marketing techniques. We at SGM deliver our clients with best digital marketing solutions according to their business needs. We provide the most innovative marketing solution which contributes to achieving their marketing goals and also helps in taking their business to the new heights. Connect with our team to know the best digital marketing strategy for your business. Our experts can find the best solution for you and design most effective digital marketing campaign for your business.


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