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HTML5 and CSS3 Training in Indore

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 Training in Indore

HTML5 and CSS3 Training in Indore is organized by SGM. SGM is a leading Industrial training institute in Indore. We provide most learning environment for major technical course at affordable price. We offer basic and advanced level HTML5 and CSS3 Training in Indore with proper practically knowledge.

What You will learn in HTML5 & CSS3 Course

  • What is a Website?

  • What a Web Page Contains?

  • Naming Conventions for Files and Folders

  • What is HTML?

  • Tags and Attributes of HTML

  • What is HTML5?

  • Differences between HTML5 and HTML

  • How to Organize a HTML5 Website’s Files, Folders, and Code?

  • Introduction and Creating Content with HTML5

  • HTML5 Values and Units

  • What is the Common HTML5 Structure for a Web Page?

  • What is a HEAD Element of HTML5?

  • Text Structuring Essentials in HTML5

  • Introducing to Semantic Structure in HTML5

  • Character Formatting Essentials in HTML5

  • Lists in HTML5

  • Links in HTML5

  • Tables in HTML5

  • Frames in HTML5

  • Forms in HTML5

  • Colors and Images in HTML5

  • Multimedia Elements like Video and Audio in HTML5

  • How to Deal with Special Characters in HTML5?

  • HTML5 Tips and Tricks

  • CSS3 Basics

  • Style Definitions in CSS3

  • CSS3 Values and Units

  • CSS3 Inheritance and Cascading

  • Font Properties in CSS3

  • Text Formatting in CSS3

  • CSS3 Lists

  • Padding, Margins, and Borders in CSS3

  • Colors and Background in CSS3

  • CSS3 Layouts with Floating and Positioning

  • Pseudo Elements and Generated Content in CSS3

  • Tips to Create Advanced User Interface Styles Using CSS3

  • CSS3 Tips and Tricks

  • Dynamic HTML5 with CSS3

  • Media Styles and Defining Documents for Printing in CSS3


Live Project Based Training

Job-Oriented Course Curriculum

Interview calls till placement

Certification Based Training is designed by Certified Professionals.

Video Recording of every session will be provided to candidates

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