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How to Respond to Google Reviews

08 May
Google Review - SGM

According to a survey, found that 60% of shoppers looked at online reviews at least once per week. In the survey also found that the buying decisions of over 90% of consumers were affected by online reviews.
Online reviews on sites like Facebook and Google offer peoples the simplest way to share their experiences not only with businesses however with fellow consumers, too. And customers believe these reviews in order to find businesses and brands that offer the most effective customer experience.
That is the reason why monitoring and responding to reviews is a very important a part of managing client feedback and protect your brand name.

Instructions to respond to google reviews

You should invariably respond, whether or not the review is positive or negative. Your responses should be professional, although the reviewer is less than polite. Maybe as a result of your responses can be seen by anyone who looks up your company on google and what you say in them says lots regarding your business. Carefully crafted responses to reviews will improve your Brand Advertising, even if the review is negative, creating you seem honest, trustworthy and credible.

Tips for responding to reviews

  1. Try and respond as quickly as possible. Google reacts positively once you respond to reviews, more significantly maybe, so do those who leave the reviews. It shows that you simply care regarding what they think and are paying attention to them.
  2. Be nice and don’t get personal. This isn’t simply a guideline—it’s additionally a decent plan as a business owner. It’s difficult to win an argument with a pissed off client, and you would like to avoid burning bridges. Keep your responses helpful, readable, and courteous. Additionally, responses should suit our native content policy.
  3. Keep it short and sweet. Consumers are looking for only helpful and real responses, however, they’ll simply be flooded by an extended response.
  4. Thank your reviewers could be a great way to begin your reply, acknowledging that they need taken the time and created the effort to leave feedback.
  5. React to the client’s particular remarks; don’t simply answer with an essential ‘thank you’ explanation. This may include restating their positive comments, to strengthen them in people’s minds.
  6. Draft your response, then review it carefully before sending it – or have somebody else take a glance. Check your response to tone (is it professional?) and ensure that the sentence structure, spelling, and accentuation are right… At last, consider the length. Too long and individuals will quit perusing, so endeavor to keep it short and to the purpose.
  7. Be a friend, not a salesman. Your analysts are as of now clients our reviewers square measure already customers, thus there’s no got to provide incentives or advertisements. Inform analysts something new concerning your business, or offer something they won’t have gained from their first visit.
  8. Your reactions can be a Digital Advertising apparatus – consider including watchwords that advance your business or let clients think about something new you are doing that they may not know about (but rather just in the event that it ties in – you would prefer not to oversell)

How to respond to customer feedback most effectively

Nobody likes to get a bad online review. As a business owner or worker, once you see a bad review regarding your business, your first reaction may be to take the reviewer’s comment and low-star rating as a personal insult. You’ll get upset. You would possibly get mad. However, taking it personally isn’t the most effective way to handle negative reviews.

Obtaining upset or angry isn’t going to solve your problem:
Here are some tips on how to diffuse bad review and hopefully turn an unhappy client into a happy client who might even be willing to go online and alter their bad review into a good one.

Resolve the issue
Don’t simply react to the negative commentator — settle the issue, as well. Sometimes, contingent upon the circumstance, it might mean requesting that the client gets in touch with you by telephone or request that they stop by your place of business so you can talk about the issue/problem face to face.

Get a second opinion
When you’re responding to good or bad reviews, it’s best to let an impartial third-party scan your response to the reviewer before you post it online. Ask a friend, family member or colleague to check your reply to message and tone to make sure it “reads” well to a third-party.

Get a lot of positive reviews to pull down the negative reviews
If you get a bad review regarding your business, you would like to do and find some more positive reviews to help“push down” that negative review. There are a lot of tools on the market that may help you monitor, manage and find online reviews from customers.

Correct customers if their feedback is wrong
Having said that customers are forever right, there are some things when they aren’t. And during this state of affairs, you have every right to correct them. However 1st you would like to assess the situation objectively. However hard it’s to swallow, feedback is commonly all even, whether or not the business may be a new one or whether or not it been established and in operation successfully for several years. Friends, family, and colleagues will all help you decide whether the feedback is actually right or wrong.

Sometimes it even pays to rectify a scenario even once a client is wrong. You don’t have to be compelled to, however, it’s a well-known Digital marketing profit that may persuade potential new customers that you are the best in your business niche. If you were really “wrong” and their negative feedback was justified, a decent approach is to raise customers however they assume you’ll be able to improve their business expertise.

Ask for a do-over
If you’ve worked closely with an unhappy client to remedy things, in a well-mannered way ask them to update/change their review to reflect that matters have been resolved.

If you can flip a bad review into a good review – you’ve won!

Even though it may be tough, responding to a negative review is part of maintaining your integrity as a business. Keeping a good tone together with your customers in your interactions online and offline can only help you in the long run.


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