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How Is Digital Marketing Beneficial Over Traditional Marketing in Real Estate?

19 Jun
SGM Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a conventional form of marketing in which marketing activities are carried out by using mediums like television, radio, newspaper, billboards, magazine etc. These marketing activities take a lot of time. On the other hand, Digital Marketing makes use of different digital mediums like social media sites, blogs, paid pop up’s and more for branding, promotion, and marketing.  The Internet has become a very important part of life for almost everyone. When a person wants to buy something first thing he/she do is look for its information on the internet. Online marketers make use of Search Engine Optimization, search engine marketing, blogging and more for branding and marketing of products.

Some Benefits of Digital Marketing Over the Traditional Marketing for the Real Estate Sector Are Listed Below:

1)  Cost efficient

It is not required to mention that huge sum of money is invested in real estate projects.  Use of traditional marketing mediums for marketing purpose imposes a huge burden. A good solution to reduce this cost is making use of Digital Marketing Mediums. By doing so you can do promotion and marketing easily in a very cost-efficient manner.

2)   Convenience

No doubt people find it more convenient to use the Internet than any other traditional marketing mediums if they are looking for any information. Like if they are looking for real estate agents they find it much easy and convenient to find about it using the Internet by sitting at their place rather than going through newspaper or television channels. Also, they get reviews and other related information on the Internet which helps them to develop a trust for you which is not possible with traditional marketing.

3)    Helps in reaching more people

Digital marketing Services helps in reaching a maximum number of targeted audiences in very less time. With traditional mediums, it is difficult to reach a large number of people, especially those who do not belong to your region and takes a lot of time as well. The most useful advantage of online marketing is that it helps you in overcoming the obstacle of distance. No matter where a person is living you can reach him/her. As we know housing projects vary in size and cost, use of digital marketing helps to reach more number of potential customers also you can customize your marketing activities to target only those who can be your potential customer rather than targeting all and wasting time.

4) Brand building

Real estate is a vast industry and in order to sustain here and perform better than your competitors, you really need a good reputation and presence of your brand. In today’s era, it can be said that creating a good online presence one can build a strong brand image. A large number of people access the Internet and this helps the professional marketer to easily convey about their brand and what they are offering. This is also possible through Traditional Marketing Medium but it will involve huge cost and time. Also, your marketing activities cannot be conducted specifically for your targeted audience. Using digital marketing you can easily design your brand building strategies specifically for your targeted audience.

Building strong brand presence, acquiring potential customers, and better customer engagement are the goals of any real estate marketer. Digital marketing is the best way using which you can achieve all of these goals. In order to meet all your marketing goals, you can contact simply global media. In our team, we have proficient experts who can assist you with best digital marketing strategies.

Here are some of the highlights of the recent real estate project of SGM

‘Pithampur City Homes’ is one of the recent real estate projects for which SGM has designed a digital marketing strategy. The goal of our marketing strategy was to identify potential customers and offer them what they are looking for. Our desirable set of audience included people who work in Pihampur and don’t have a good place to live, people who have to regularly come here for work but because of non availability of good residential place have to up down on daily basis and people who are residing somewhere else and looking for a good place to live in Pithampur.

Our marketing strategy included designing and promotion of 5 innovative videos in which we have not mentioned the name of the project but included some of its glimpses to give the audience an overview.  It built great curiosity among our targeted audience and we got some amazing result.

Our video reached to 65k views and we got more than 150+ calls. With our video promotion strategy, we started receiving potential leads from the day 1 of launch. Not only this within 15 days we got 1000+ potential leads, 175+ site visits and 25+ confirm bookings.

For designing of efficient digital marketing strategy for your real estate project, contact our SGM team.


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