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How can you boost your business with micro influencer?

01 Jun
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Influencer marketing is a marketing type in which focus is not on the target market rather focus is placed on influential people. Using this marketing type, it is required to identify individuals that have a good influence on the potential buyers. Once identified, then marketing activities are oriented around these influencers. SGM can facilitate you to perform Best Digital Marketing Services which are beneficial for your business.

Who are micro influencers?

Well, they are everyday people with some really good following across different social media platforms. They have more than 3000 followers on their profile on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, which usually revolves around a particular field of interest or niche. It can be related to anything like health and fitness, traveling, food, education, business and more.

Micro influencers also interact with their followers regularly. With this, they increase engagement on their profile and number of active audiences. Though they have a profile on different Social Media Platform, Like – Instagram is a hub for them.

How micro influencers can help in boosting your business

1)  They share a personal story related to your brand or product

Like any of us, micro influencers are everyday consumers. Micro influencers are believed to be more knowledgeable than any average person. When they share their personal experience of using a particular brand or product, people can relate to them. Their opinions and experience have great impacts on people’s opinions and later their purchase decision depends on it.

2)  They can promote a giveaway

Attracting audience through giveaways is a sweet gesture. When you send freebies to micro influencers along with it send some extra products which they can use for hosting attractive giveaways. This will help your brand to get more exposure. Most people are not ready to trust a brand they have never heard before and tried its product. Offering them giveaways will help you in increasing your brand awareness – Like Brand Marketing Services. These contests revolve around different activities like comments, tagging, sharing by which number of people get to know about your product and they start willing to use it.

3)  They share their reviews

Send freebies of your product to them and ask them to write a review about it.  These influencers are believed to be authentic and honest so their reviews will be genuine. A review of micro influencer about your product will help to build better trust with the targeted audience. As audience knows these reviews are real they will trust you more.

How to find micro influencers?

  • Make use of hashtags. This will help in finding out influencers who are interested in your product or can be interested.
  • You can conduct self-research on different Social Media Marketing. Go through the list of people whom you are following and identify if any of them have some really good following.

Once you identify potential micro influencers for your product do check whether they have an active profile or not. Do they interact with their fans on regular basis or not. As a profile with the less active audience with good followers will not help to boost your business. You need a profile which has a good active targeted audience.

So this is how micro influencers can help you to boost your business by helping you increase your customer base and further increase your sales and revenue generation. SGM (SimplyGlobalMedia) can help you to know about better it.


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