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How Can Influencer Marketing Be a Good Branding Strategy for FMCG Companies?

11 Jun
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Buyers seek for some kind of assurance that they are buying the right product. Especially if a person with good knowledge and experience about that product share views on the product, buyers find it very helpful. This is how the need for Influencer Marketing arises. Influencer marketers are those who have the good following on social media. These influencers are very much capable in convincing or influencing their followers to buy a specific product.

Influencer marketing is beneficial for marketer everywhere and especially to those who belongs to FMCG Sector. With traditional marketing campaigns, every FMCG company depends on determining the right mix of marketing four P’s (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion). Using this right mix FMCG marketer focused on influencing the targeted audience to buy their products. FMCG sectors can now find their targeted audience more on Social Media Platforms than on other traditional media. Also, the number of buyers who prefer to buy FMCG products online are growing.

Use of Digital Marketing Strategies doesn’t mean that FMCG companies should stop practicing old tested 4 P’s. They can make use of this marketing mix and align them with current marketing trends. Digital Marketing not only helps to influence consumers to buy your product but it also helps in establishing a good relationship with them.

How Influencer Marketing Can Be a Good Branding Strategy for FMCG Companies

  • Helps in distinguishing your brand from others

One problem FMCG sector face is that their products are quite similar to what others are also offering. And consumers have many options of the similar products among which they have to choose. Because of this, it is very necessary to distinguish your brand from others. Using influencer marketing you can create a unique identity of your brand. Influencers share their views on your product which forms a strong opinion for your brand and this will definitely influence the buying decision of a buyer.

  • Provides with an innovative way of displaying your brand

With traditional marketing in FMCG, product display is a very important factor. Product display has some really good capability to influence the purchase decision. Influencer marketing helps in displaying your products in a right manner to your targeted audience. This marketing strategy is more efficient than physical display as it helps in reaching a specific set of targeted audience across the world.

  • Increases brand awareness

Brand awareness using any traditional marketing mediums requires a lot of time and effort. Influencer marketing helps in speeding up the entire process for FMCG companies. When a popular Social Media Influencer shares about your product it reaches to thousands of potential customers all at once. In very less time a large number of potential customers learn about your brand and what you are offering to them. It is also possible that these potential customers share this content with their friends and family as well and this will increase your brand awareness as more people will learn about your brand.

This is how influencer marketing can be a good branding strategy for FMCG companies. To get the best advice on digital marketing strategies you can consult with the team of SGM as well. Their team of experts can guide you with best marketing solutions depending on the nature of your product and your marketing goals.


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