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How are Micro Influencers More Effective Than Macro Influencers for Branding?

02 Jun
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Micro influencers are normal people who have a good number of followers on social media. On the other hand, macro influencers are celebrities and are very famous. These macro influencers have a very large number of followers on social media. Influencer marketing offers several useful benefits to the marketer like promotion, brand awareness, increased sales and more. The success of influencer marketing depends upon the influencer you choose. Therefore it is very important to select influencer very wisely. Influencer marketing is a very useful type of Digital Marketing. To learn and perform it in a better way,  Simply Global Media can help you.

Some Key Reasons Why Micro Influencer Is More Effective Than Macro Influencer Are Discussed Below:


1)  A Niche Audience

The main difference between macro and micro influencer is the number of followers they have. Macro influencers sometimes have followers in millions who are present across the country and have a different kind of interest. On the other hand, though micro influencers have less number of followers they belong to the category of common interest. They usually have a niche audience which will help any marketer to reach out to its targeted audience. Though they have less number of followers compared to macro influencers, they are capable of increasing your brand awareness in a better way.

2)  Better Personal Connection With Audience

Micro influencers are not a celebrity; they are a regular person like any of us who has great passion or interest in any particular field. People feel more relatable to their views and also they consider their views to be more authentic. Macro influencers have more number of followers but they do not usually interact with the audience. And people find it difficult to relate themselves with them.

3) High Engagement Rates

More active audience can be found on micro influencer’s social media accounts than macro influencers. The reason behind it is that they keep posting and interacting with the audience on a regular basis which maintains the interest of the audience in their social media account. Also a research suggests that on Instagram with increase number of followers, engagement rate drops.

4)  Connecting With Them Is Not a Difficult Task

A marketer does not face many difficulties in connecting with a micro influencer. It is not that easy to connect with macro influencers. Marketers say’s that it easy to find and convince a micro influencer. As with increase in demand, it is difficult to convince macro influencers for marketing of their product.

5) Very Affordable

Budget is a big issue with any marketing campaign. Not all business are ready to invest huge sum of money on marketing activities as there are other things as well to look after. As compared to macro influencers they demand very less amount of fee for marketing your product through their Social Media Marketing accounts. And since micro influencers have better engagement rate the overall return on investment is definitely going to be in your favor.

So these are few good reasons which justify how micro influencers can be a better choice for branding than macro influencers.  Although both micro and the macro campaign have its own pros and cons, micro-campaign is believed to be more authentic and cost-efficient. To design the Best Digital Marketing Campaign for you, services of  SGM (SimplyGlobalMedia)  can be very helpful.


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