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Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

14 May
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Small Business Email Marketing

Many people believe that the growing use of social media altered the role of Email marketing, however Email is not dead, actually, As a small business owner, you understand however important it’s to induce your brand to stay go in your customers’ minds. Running an engaging and compelling email marketing campaign is one of the most effective ways in which to go about doing this. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you start Email Marketing.

Make It Simple to Subscribe
This is the primary and one in all the most important steps, post a sign-up form on your homepage, blog, Facebook page, and where else your customers and fans are already active and one more issue, you would like to make it simple for people to register to your list. No need to ask for too much info like birthday contact number etc. Name and Email Address are enough for you initially. Try to make it simple i.e. people enter their name and email within the registration box and then click register. Once they confirm their email, they are on your list.

• Offer Incentives
Why should somebody register on your list? Why should somebody provide you with their email address, what’s the profit for them? Make sure that the benefit is shown clearly within the registration form/box. Are you about to help them with something, do they get free ebooks, discounts for his or her next purchase, coupons etc?

• Send a Welcome Email
Such an email is a must-have in your arsenal of email marketing tools. A friendly Welcome! Mail breaks the ice and puts the foundation of a long-lived customer-brand relationship. You may even send new subscribers an exclusive offer, as your method for expressing gratitude toward them for his or her loyalty.

• Design Your Newsletter to Suit Your Brand
Your email campaigns should match your brand’s look and feel. If you are employing a template, you would possibly wish to customize it to include your company’s colors and logo within the header. If your emails are consistent with the rest of your company’s content, then readers will feel more familiar with the start.

• Make It Personal
customize your messages When you use a software package or marketer to send out the emails spent some time and customize the messages that go out with every email. try to build the registration method simple and inform the users what’s happening at every stage. as an example, once they enter their name and email the first time, allow them to recognize that they have to confirm their email address to finalize the registration.

• Don’t Overdo It and Don’t Break Your Promises
Sending out a lot of emails than promised won’t essentially generate higher results. If you promised to send one email per week then don’t begin sending a lot of but create a weekly digest instead. you’ll be able to provide them the choice to change their subscription preferences and acquire additional emails from you but don’t break your initial promises

• Top Product or Bestsellers
…of the week, or the month, or the year. people are inclined to shop for a product other people buy. So, making lists like “Top ten product” or “Most popular product” can fuel you with lots of email marketing campaign concepts for the future.
• Keep a Publishing Calendar
A regular newsletter could be a commitment. If you go a long time without sending something, then your subscribers will ignore you, and they will be more likely to delete your next email, or worse, mark it as spam. build time to plan, write, design, and send your newsletters regularly.

• Think about Mobile
If a campaign does not show up on mobile devices, it isn’t going to perform well. Everything you send should be mobile-friendly. cross-check Return Path’s “Email in Motion” infographic for some information that may have an effect on the way you design your emails. According to a survey, 63% of Americans and 41% of Europeans would not prefer to read the mail which is not optimized for mobile. Might be time to start using a responsive newsletter.

• Know About Spam Rules
A lot of people do spamming because they didn’t know about CAN-SPAM act. Read up on the CAN-SPAM act to avoid spam complaints. Put simply, you are allowed to send bulk email only to people that specifically asked to be on your list. If you collected email addresses an event invitation, then you do not have permission to Send Marketing campaigns unless you made that clear at signup. include a plain unsubscribe link in each email, and do not forget to inform subscribers how they got on your list in the first place.

• Make It Shareable
Send content that people wish to share, and design it easy for them to do it. Sure, subscribers can forward your campaign to friends, however, that is a lot to ask. include a public link to the web version of your campaign thus people will read it outside of their email programs, and consider adding Social media links to your newsletter, so readers can share your content wherever they are already active. when their friends begin sharing and subscribing, you’ll know it’s working.

• Keep an Eye on Your Stats
Most Email Marketing Service Providers offer you free reports that contain useful information, which you can use the stats to improve your next campaigns. If you can check your open and click rates and Undelivered mail and Unsubscribe, If a campaign receives a high number of unsubscribing, then try something different the next time.


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