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Welcome to Simply Global Media

We help to increase your site traffic

Increasing visibility of your business across web and reaching out to the target audience available online through SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, PPC, E-mail etc. We constantly look for effective techniques to accelerate your social image.

Fruitful and timely results

Analysing your case and providing personalised solutions according to the circumstances alongside anticipating future movements. We know that every brand is unique and essential which needs special attention.

One-stop-shop for your brand image

Trust us with your brand, and we will treat it as ours. All your branding necessities are attained under one roof with the best advices from our experts. It is ensured that even your little concerns are attended with equal potency.


We are Search Engine & Social Media Experts

We’re also experts at finding the best spot between Google’s guidelines and what is commercially right for you. We’re a close team of digital Marketer’s, SEO expert, E-commerce Optimization & Social Media advertising and marketing specialists, web Designers & developers who work together to create stunning, engaging digital experiences. We take client satisfaction in handing over only the best. And whatever we do, always measure, analyze and innovate new way.

SimplyGlobalMedia - Digital Marketing and Web Development Company Indore


Increase Your Website Traffic. Grow Your Business!

Online Business

Internet Advertising Services Are in High Demand. Online Business Advertising Has Quickly Grow to Be the Primary Way to Promote Both Small and Large Businesses. Get Promote Your Products and Services Using Online Advertising and Marketing.

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Accurate Analytics

We analyze metrics like organic traffic, the number of backlinks, link sources and more to understand SEO performance. Google Analytics build accurate traffic reports for your website from Facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube, PPC traffic, Mobile Traffic and another source.

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Affiliate Marketing

Popular Form of Advertising and Marketing for Any Service Provider or Business Interested in Increasing Sales or Leads. Affiliate Advertising Is Often Referred as “Pay for Performance” Marketing. Get More Clicks, Affiliates & New Customer Order Together With Your Trusted Professional Affiliate Manager.

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Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts

Social Media Optimization

Get Your Site More Visible on the Social Network Like – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and More Accurate Marketing Strategies That Are Optimized to Generate More Traffic to Your Website, Which in Turn Converts Potential Leads Into Customers That Help Drive Your Business Revenue Upwards. Social Media is presently the largest buzz in the digital marketing environment because of its widespread reach that continues to grow at a staggering rate.

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E-Mail Marketing

Simply Global Media Campaigns Is an Email Marketing Automation Product That Helps You Create, Send, Track, and Share Your Email Campaigns. Reach and Engage Your Customers With Effortless E-mail Marketing. It’s a Digital Strategy That Involves Using Email to Reach Potential Customers or Clients. Deliver Your Business Through One Reliable Platform.

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On Page/Off Page SEO

On-page Optimization Refers to All Measures That May Be Taken Directly inside the Website in Order to Improve Its Position in the Search Rankings. It’s Controlled by Using Coding in Your Website. Ex. Include unique content, Meta Tags, Html Code, Keyword Placement etc. Conversely, Off-page Optimization in That They’re Not Controlled by Coding on Your Webpage. These Are Measures That Help Create as Many High-quality Backlinks & Different Signals as Possible.

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Effective and Affordable Web Design and web development to Bring you More Business. We know how to design and code website for multiple platforms including WordPress, PHP, open cart, & more. We recognize their business strategy and targets and try to deliver accordingly. Once client approves the design, our technical team makes it live using the latest web technology

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Digital Marketing

We help brands to optimize their Digital Marketing performance!
Digital Marketing plays a very important role in the optimization of any website. We’re Experienced SEO Expert’s to work with help seeing your website ranking at Top of Google, Yahoo & Bing search results & Drive more Organic customers. Services: Leads Generation, Organic Ranking, SMM, SEM, SEO, Content Writing, Get Free Analysis, Brand Visibility, Increase Traffic-

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Brand Promotion

Brand promotion aimed at stimulating demand for a product. A promotion strategy to engage more customer, so as to increase its sales and market share. We help you promote your brand through a mix of versatile advertising and marketing techniques to deliver results. SGM is one of the best company which provides you full brand promotion services.

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Our expertise will ensure that you get a unique and timeless mark for your business.
  • “Simply Global Media taught me that every great business is built on friendship and not on money
    and false commitment.”

    Yessenia Martinez Canada

  • “One of the greatest gifts they provide is of attention and perfection.”

    Toshie Kaligis United Kingdom

  • “They never find faults. They always look for remedies.”

    Roslan Ab Hamid, China

  • “I may have forgotten what you had said but I’ll never forget how you made feel with your awesome services.”

    Reema, United States of America

  • “The only purpose of customer service is, to change feelings.”

    Jimi Sabrin Germany

  • The world’s most powerful yet simple rule. Always give your client more than they expect to get. That’s what The “Simply Global Media” do.

    Jin-Kim Hongkong

  • People expect good service but few are willing to give it.

    Amine M’ghari United Kingdom

  • “The hope as a client is to have service that is not just the best, but legendary.”

    Max Key Canada

  • “I did expect few thingsbut luckily they always delivered more than my expectations.”

    Own Ali, Kuwait

Simply Global Media is the only company that provides a maximum number of services under one roof.




A team of search engine and social media experts who believe in communication, which is far more than talking. Communicating right message to our clients and their target audience using right medium is what we stand for. Our objective is to grow your profits hence, we analyze, research, plan and then do all the talking to create stunning and engaging digital experiences.
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